sun sets in rear view
a melody never danced
wishes whisper night




the soft creak
of the leather chair
the hollow tick
of the clock that mocks
the repeating chirp
of the microwave
half cooked dinner
getting cold
as the sun drips down
behind garish windows
settling in silence
behind the trees
selfishly i longed
broken pride
kept me from asking


the reason

shut the doors
turn off the lights
another night
another season
divining for reason
melancholic routine
of wash rinse repeat
each night
a moment stolen
from the sun-kissed
children’s hour
that breathes
between sunsets
and the moon rise
a solemn pause
to gape the one sky
that covers you and i
could your sight
be upon the same light
would you wonder
you and i
the words unspoken
soul echoes broken
just a figment
of joy’s imagination
the melancholic routine
wash rinse repeat