at last

reading in silence

beside the woman you love

bliss everlasting


sugar mountain

in the diner
facing each other
over coffee
our nightly ritual
friends back together
by circumstance
what was it
in her eyes
was it my mind
already late took
the long way home
she wanted to hear
sugar mountain
i wanted whatever
made her happy


waiting tides

while the tide divides
and night bleeds to your dawn,
within that dreaded silence
i cannot help but look upon
to reminisce in moments shared
and words between exchanged;
linger in your photograph,
sigh deep to breathe you in.
try not to mourn the empty past
where arms could not have been,
the ache is almost over,
our future i have seen.
the beach is near within our reach
in hand to walk along,
with orchestra of stars alight
mesmerizing oceans song.
to walk beside til end of night
and when the sun does rise,
waiting there at end of time
to hold you by my side.