The Haunting of Hubbard Lake

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The Haunting of Hubbard Lake

by D.W.Metz

The parking lot at Hubbard Lake was deserted. Rather than drive there Julie had taken a taxi to the grocery store a half-mile away and walked the remaining distance. She didn’t want anything to be discovered before it was time. In hindsight she wished she’d brought along a flashlight, but for now the moon was enough to navigate by and if the forecast was true, the view would soon be even more enchanting. As she made her way through the trees she appreciated the privacy of her surroundings. Looking back she couldn’t see the empty parking lot as she made her way closer to the water’s edge. She imagined lovers coming here for a midnight rendezvous. In spite of everything that had happened, she still believed in romance. Continue reading “The Haunting of Hubbard Lake”