driving all over the county
and even a little out
looking for work
up and down highways
27 22 28
until i didn’t know
what highway i was on
going north south
west or east
called a number
in the classifieds
for conservation jobs
sounded good
up to the $39.95 service fee
hung up
but as soon as i did
all i could think about
was jack on desolation peak
all by his lonesome
searching the horizon
for signs of a fire
the more i thought
the more i wanted
to call back and say
“send me all you’ve got
whatever the cost
there’s no price tag on nirvana
maybe i’ll call back tomorrow
i thought
of course i never did



last night, out of reverence
for olden days,
my girl on holiday,
sat around a kitchen table,
with the boys from school,
swilling beers, chowing
leftover barbecue.

driving home to a mellow
beat of dear coltrane,
sucked in sweet night air,
cooled by the now passed rain –
breaking the day’s humidity.

vowing not, to let
nature escape me,
slept in the grass
a shrine, a candle, and
a stick of opium,
a cigarette wafting me
to sweet sleep.

enwrapped in down cocoon,
on top of lounge chair,
keeping dry, from the still
rain damp grass;

awakened by first sun break,
transforms the sky from indigo
to a sweet cerulean;
saw a pair of skunks
dancing in morning dew,
scarlet cardinal chirps,
a morning mating

to a distant lover,
echoing back the call;
heard the first train whistle
from linden station,
taking monday commuters
to city jobs,
heard trucks, and automobiles,
on nearby highways –

morning had begun.