about d.w.metz

I’ve written poetry for as long as I can remember. When I was in college I would participate in open-mic readings wherever I could find them. When I started publishing my poetry online a few years ago I got hooked up with a Google group that was doing spoken word workshops, which led me to experimenting with Soundcloud. Over the past couple years I’ve recorded a large percentage of my poems as well as some recordings of other famous poems. I enjoy doing spoken word because I think it allows the listener to experience poetry from a different dimension. Recently I’ve been adding music and effects to the recordings as I experiment with the abilities of the artform.

I’ve been featured in a number of poetry anthologies, most recently including Scattered Voices: A Collection of Poems Shared by Strangers on the Internet published by Rotting Horse Publishing and an upcoming anthology surrounding the Fukushima disaster in Japan.

Discovering Duluoz is the first solo publication of my poetry.

DISCOVERING DULUOZ is a collection of poetry based off several years worth of journals I wrote in the early 90s. The poems cover the period when I was first exposed to the writings of Jack Kerouac as a teenager on the beach at Long Beach Island, and culminates with me hitchhiking in true Kerouac fashion from my home in New Jersey to his birthplace in Lowell, Massachusetts several years later. DISCOVERING DULUOZ is available in print and for Kindle at Amazon.com as well as a spoken word collection on CD.

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  • Please see the BOOKS page for a listing of books in print/Kindle.

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