Thank you to Eye Will Not Cry for featuring my poem Catharsis on her poetry blog. Catharsis is from my poetry book, Discovering Duluoz : (also available as audio CD). You can hear the audio recording of the poem at

Eye Will Not Cry

Please welcome Doug as my latest Guest Poet!

You can read more for Doug’s work here:

If you would like to grab a Guest Poet slot and have the chance to feature in the upcoming book:
EYE WILL NOT CRY – “Be My Guest” – then send your words to


a grim night of cold resolution
cathartic drive south to the shoreline
grubbing change from pay phones
for parkway tolls;
i owned poverty, humility
mystic exodus of poets and madmen
and lizard reincarnate
boots sinking in dunes,
the rhythmic swish – hypnotizing
stealing bumble bee police plastic
just for the thrill of the bizarre
cars drive by with gazing eyes,
the night appropriately moonless
alive with bliss and madness
as numb fingers happily scrawl
the beach on a winter’s night
is a lonely man’s mind
the edge of timelessness
sitting on the jetties,
having chased a pair…

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