Poetry 2 for 1

Ever go back through an old photo album and realize you’ve got pictures of things you don’t remember having pictures of?

  • I. journal entry – the opening poem to DiscoveringDuluoz
  • pic: the neolithic rock
  • II. all that jazz – (poem on the rock)

journal entry

the urge to write and record
excavating an old, black,
empty tome from attic reaches,
a gift from an old heart
never put to use.
an inscription inside papered over
denial of the unforgotten past
who would guess then
the endeavor began,
the sorrows laughter and joys cried;
eerie earful masochist predictions.
kneeling on a shore of
discarded dragon scales
i scrawled the words of
a well remembered poem
my own construction
onto the face of a rock,
grounded firmly on the beach
with a flat rock i scraped the rhyme
into the neolithic blackboard
a sacrifice left bare and virgin
for the river god to swallow;
a stain to lick off its cracked teeth
with a grimace, its transience
washing away with the already rising tide,
assured its posterity.
i signed my name and cast the rock
into the gently, swelling surf


all that jazz

(for Michael Harper)

falling like the rain goes
landing on a needle’s point
as the sun strays behind
a rainbow moon
grandiloquent jazz beaten blue
echoing hughes in its resonance
angry arrangements
harmonious beat of
enigma and intention
is this what drew allen, jack and bill
to the bars of the wild neon night
drunk on port
high on green apples and benny tubes
mexican fresco
painted on a cracked wall
carelessly spattered with tar
a ragtime rhythm
sweet from the alto sax
sinks like liquid lead
in the ocean of cacophony

~ dwmetz, 1994

3 thoughts on “Poetry 2 for 1

  1. Such eloquently written words.
    Discovering Duluoz is by far the greatest book of poetry with imagery so vivid one is there instead of the book holder. Journal Entry, my second favorite poem you have written, D.W. Metz.

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