The Typist_Fotor_FotorTwo years ago this month I started writing a story.  As it was to be my first foray into horror fiction my goal at the time was to complete it by Halloween (of 2013).  It didn’t happen as planned. I wound up starting another story instead… which actually wasn’t finished until the January after that first Halloween.  I’ve since published 3 in all so far – but that first one… it just wasn’t ready. The idea had been brewing for a while before I’d even started writing it two years ago- to be honest I’m not sure when I first got the idea. The protagonist was based on ‘someone’ I’d met more than 20 years prior. So in a way you could say this story was over 20 years in the making.  Over the time I’d spent with the story it got to be my baby.  It became such a part of me that I knew I wouldn’t release it until every bit of it was done the very best that I could.

I’m very pleased to say that that day is coming soon. I’ve engaged the services of a brilliant editor that is helping me to put the final polish on what I hope will be a true gem within the genre. It won’t be here for Halloween – but it will be coming soon. I hope you’re ready.

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