National Poetry Day

dicovering duluozIn honor of National Poetry Day I’d like to share my book of poetry with you.

DISCOVERING DULUOZ is a collection of poetry based off several years worth of journals I wrote in the early 90′s. The poems cover the period when I was first exposed to the writings of Jack Kerouac as a teenager on the beach at Long Beach Island, and culminates with me hitchhiking (in true Kerouac fashion) from my home in New Jersey to his birthplace in Lowell, Massachusetts several years later.

DISCOVERING DULUOZ is available in print, ebook and as an audio CD. To celebrate National Poetry Day I’m giving it away today for free. If you would like a copy (ebook) send me a note (dwmetz at gmail dot com) and specify .epub or .mobi. As always reviews on Goodreads or Amazon are greatly appreciated.

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