Get a FREE copy of my poetry book for review

41HV7VWrnWL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_If you would like a free (ebook) copy of my first published poetry book for review, please contact me at dwmetz (at) gmail dot com.

DISCOVERING DULUOZ is available in print from amazon and in ebook format from most ebook retailers.

A spoken word CD version is also available from amazon for your listening pleasure.




Poetry aficionado Michael David Saunders Hall had this to say about Discovering Duluoz…


After reading Discovering Duluoz, I sense an urgency within all of the insights and emotions simultaneously traveling in the same direction with no particular train of thought other than being a free soul. There is a definitive impulse of free association that becomes second nature to the prosody of your poetry and the poignancy of its meaning and message. Emily Dickinson once wrote, “Much madness is divinest sense, to a discerning eye.” As I read this collection, the way in which the words culminate by melding and meshing the mundane with the divine embodies this thought, creating a lonely fire of recollection utterly unique yet self- sustaining. It also reveals itself to be a progeny of Jack Kerouac’s influence and style. After a few reads, one might think that the author were him reincarnate, with perhaps even better poetic chops. But, though these musings carry the spirit of Kerouac along as a passenger, I know and realize that each of these pieces is a special spontaneous combustion of all the poetic inventions and dimensions that comprise the makings of him–mentally, physically and spiritually.


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