different moon, by charli day

I love the subtle imagery captured in this poem by Charli Day.  She was kind enough to let me record it.


Yours is a different moon that I set my sights upon

The waning night sky dispersed in its pearlescent blush

A dewdrop of oil in the liquid night sends stars scurrying

Blurring its glow to a spacious rainbow haze, an amethyst balm

Each land, a different moon for its own charcoal skyline

Its beam reaching only to the boundaries and then another

My eyelashes awash, absorbing precious moonbeams for my homeland

I will release them, a thousand flecks of glitter hurtling into space

My moon is not your moon waiting there unspoken and faint

Complacent and gazed upon, a diluted wonder from the earth

I rest my cheek on the window drinking its shimmery cordial

I might stay here eternally; I’m in love with your different moon

© http://www.charlisays.com


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