digging deep into the archives for this one… this was a film project I did back in college. i recently acquired a device to convert VHS to DVD and thought this would be an interesting test for the dubbing functionality. unfortunately the tape itself is 20 years old so there’s a glitch partway through. text of the original poem is below the video.


“conform! conform! conform!”
the battle cry of the repressed
as the clock strikes the slaves
emerge to march

out of the closet of conformity
the auteur escapes to dream within
beating the primitive rhythms
into the night

auteur i give myself not to woman
or man but to art
a seer of celluloid visions
manifested in single frames
connected in context

the auteur is an appendage of art created

traveling infinite circulatory highways
in search of experience mystic and divine

i sacrifice myself to dionyssus
sacrifice my loins to tired bedsheets
to virgins and not aghast
at the mystery obscurity
darkness surrounding penetrated
by narcotic illuminations
confession dreams that sleep
can not repress

reject my words and scorn my art
my life
i could not bear your appellations
a crucifixion
i am not a martyr
only auteur
exiled manchild adrift in conformity
4 december 1994

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