Author Interview: D. W. Metz (Discovering Duluoz)

Thanks for the opportunity, Belinda.

Belinda Y. Hughes: Writing, Editing & Social Media

 Discovering Duluoz cover art

Today we’re getting to know another G+ writing friend of mine, D.W.Metz. Doug and I share interests in poetry, Asian forms in art and poetry, natural healing arts and Buddhism. We were cabin mates at Camp NaNoWriMo, July 2014 edition, but he got quite a bit more writing done. Doug is a Renaissance man and modern-day Kerouac, introspective, meditative and a nature boy during weekend web fasts. He blogs at unknown poetry and recently released his first independent poetry collection, Discovering Duluoz, after Kerouac. Please join me in welcoming him, and remember to show Doug some follow love. – Belinda


Recently you participated in Camp NaNoWriMo. What was your experience like?


Overall I would say it was a success for me. It did confirm that I am absolutely horrible under pressure when it comes to forcing myself to write. What I liked about the “camp” experience is…

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