do it now

~ cowritten with American Nomad~

the beautiful
                     way too much
she couldn’t stay afloat
all her intimacy
and washed
scanning the horizon
       for survivors
finding only         reminders
        my heart bore a mournful note
nothing more to be the same
forever more
the ocean absconding
         mon coeur     absentia
vacuumed in the ripped tide
to reveal
   what could not hide
behind pride
under castles abandoned
the trees speaking loudest
          to be
by mysts unforseen
until now
that fed jungles  green
in front of the eternal master I bow
see clearly now
… mind… unclouded
mythos aeternos
hombres inferna.
               So it was in the end –
It will be the beginning
I sit still with no mind to bend,
only tears to mend
To turn away from
your decades of sinning




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