A little over a month ago I responded to a post on Google + about a publisher that was soliciting poems for an upcoming book. “Individual poems or collections welcome” I remember reading. So I fired off (hastily even) a draft manuscript of some of my poems and the next thing I know I’m being asked to submit a bio (I dread writing those… the title of this blog should give some hint to that.)

Scattered Voices: A Collection of Poems Shared by Strangers on the Internet will be out soon. 25 of my poems are featured. The book will be available free as an e-book download or you can support independent arts and purchase the book in paperback from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If you are kind enough to purchase a copy I’ll be happy to autograph it for you, but you’ll either have to find me in person or be prepared to ship it back and forth.

As soon as the book is available (coming out soon) I will let you know. Myself and the other poets included would very much appreciate your support. Even if you don’t purchase a copy posting a review on amazon, barnes & noble or goodreads would help us out a lot.

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