a friend’s apartment
beer and sticks of tea
nights end or early dawn
depending on precision
a couch a pillow and a girl
mid-day awoke
from blissful slumber
scarlet angel beside
breathing soft
safe and tranquil
perfume softening
shirt and pillow
garbed in leather
made way to the balcony
gentle rain wandering
the clouds inspires musing
breathing deep
of night’s interlude
couldn’t help
but think of jack
as i thought of jack
thought of distant
soul brother
miles away in
nowhere zen NJ
smoking his own
in equal ponderance
back again longing
to share black midnight
coffee conversations
and games of pool
all night blues sessions
with coronet
and sprouting verse
search for experience
vacuuming sands of time
days and nights
bleary eyed
throat raw
and heart wide open

(image cc)


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