no return

this is a guest post by Nomadic American. If you’d like to have your content posted on unknown poetry contact me.

by Nomadic American

It’s a sad story
blacker than black
The world cannot be my jury
Time keeps moving me forward with so much shame so much regret, and the pages keep turning with no going back

Like so many moments when we could not even look into each others eyes
Because we knew our hearts were broken
And we coudn’t raise our heads up in the shadows of their mountain of lies

I can’t make the distance, I have nothing left to give, there is nothing left I want
The anxiety has been kept at bay with everything but authentic love
Because there is none, all humanity has is callousness and shallowness to flaunt
There is only ashes where there never was a Peace in the form of a dove

I know there is a hell, because a feeding tube has been inserted, whereby I get more than my daily fill
I know there is a light, and I capture rays of it when life allows, frozen in my heart, little spiritual snowglobes for my own person pop culture, but they fleeting and ephemeral at best.
But the distance between these two converge too rapidly, for my soul to take anymore, there is nothing left that matters, and I am still
To ponder this sad story, until my heart will explode in its chest

Fuck it
Thats the best we can do
Well then I will shut down and turn my back on it
And all my reality that was never really true

Cuz it’s a sad sad song
Too much exploitation and shame
And I can’t alway be that strong

So close your eyes
Just be still
Breathe in, Breathe out
Don’t let this silence be the one to kill


One thought on “no return

  1. There are so many of us who have been to this place at one time or another. Just contemplating current events or all-too-human relationships is enough to get you there. Thanks for expressing it so eloquently, Nomadic American. Thanks for sharing, Doug.

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