on writing

added audio recording for Poets of G+ April 22nd challenge…


D. W. Metz

staring at bleached sheets
crossed with blue
parallels cannot summon
conjugations to spell
what blood will not spill
a clothbound journal
of indian design
letters from london
notes for a novel
endeavored through
blood and tears
rape and epiphany
a canvas black for
images that bind me
halfway to dawn
the pen unceasing
blue-black ink
replaces sanguine scarlet
life reduced
to letters aggrandized
catalyst for memory
when the mind fails
or future muses beckon
the past to reconcile
a dam released
a channel opened
so much to say
and so few pages
tattooed permanence
the past remembered

* * *

journal3 poems ~1994-1995
image via Frederic Guillory

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One thought on “on writing

  1. An excellent reflection, superior style. And memorable memorial to the past. Made me think deeply into my past . Thanks Doug, I continue to go back and read again, evoking the word’s. And still just the right amount of Cowbell! Cheers buddy, Cheers!!

    Your friend, always bri. 🙂

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