thinking of you, allen ginsberg

written 30 december 1994.  recorded 5 april 2014.


what thoughts i have of you tonight, allen ginsberg
awake from cup after cup of blackmidnight diner coffee
post pool hall after hour ritual

sat in room on bed half two a.m. red candle burning
in brown bottle holder,penetrates the night with phallic fire
with wax dripping down glass, solidified tears

listening to your poetry to pass away the consciousness
perhaps expand my own
why so modest of supermarket poetry in dear old berkeley

my favorite of all you’ve written, so many tomes of moans and doldrums, can’t you see the holiness of your homage
the reverence of your admiration rests tears on cornea edges

allen ginsberg, i have only to ask
which way does your beard point tonight?

30 december 1994

3 thoughts on “thinking of you, allen ginsberg

  1. I love this, and I love that you have recordings of your poems here. So happy to find your home here on WordPress. Thanks for the visit andnthe breadcrumbs to lead me here.

    I so agree with you, “Supermarket in California” is such a tender tribute, witjout being maudlin in the least. I always wondered why Ginsberg considered it a lesser poem. Maybe it was mock humility. Maybe he was playing coy, because it’s always been my favorite poem. And whatba lovely tribute you have made of his tribute. I think Witman would want to embrace you himself.

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