The Burst

The Burst

by P. Coursen

rapid beating,
heavy breathing
image in the mirror
becoming fleeting
wanting to run
for miles and miles
life seizing
stuck in turnstiles
gut is aching,
excitement faking
feeling too familiar
when love making
wanting to burst,
from these walls
wanting to go
where nature calls
not know its lead
or what it will need
the certainty of emotions
is where i would bleed
moonlight rising,
face disguising
someone else
takes place,
it is becoming
keeping thoughts safe
where they can’t
be succumbing
feelings of ascension
then falling to the ground
the burst almost over
never to be found
holding on
to every second
never wanting
it to leave
return to breathing
slowly beating
all that i am
now receiving
the burst is gone,
the thirst still upon
more and more

image: (CC)


One thought on “The Burst

  1. Themis

    I’m in awe!!!!! Wonderful recording!!! So funny when you here the words from a different mouth , how different it feels .

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