texaco revisited

harvest moon high in the sky
that magic night i saw you
and you saw me in page after page
years gone by were minutes passed
had it really been that long
and still i felt for you
the sanctity of primal love
stars behind you, sand beneath
candle quivers in your grasp
you devoured my words
i wanted to give my soul to you
i’m sorry that i lost that ring
as i always seem to do
i should have guarded it better
excuses of parking meters
forced our parting
who cares about the car
had i known i’d rather walk
the world beside you
we said we’d see each other soon
but never said your soon
or my soon or why soon
and not now
back to the grey house
looking for what i’d already found
the moon’s magic extinguished
should have sealed it with a kiss




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